Misty Gates: Licking Candy Off My Toes - Foot Brat Video!

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708 MB download: 20:40 video - 1920x1080p 

I know your secret, and I'm not going to stop teasing you with it!  Watching me lick toes gives you a hard on, and that's weird, so you're lucky I'm letting you see this. 

In this twenty-minute long bratty video, I've just gotten home from school with a sweet tooth. But since you're with me, and I know you're a major footfan, I sit down on the stairs, and live out one of the kinky fantasies you secretly beat off to. I talk you through it and gently verbally dominate you while I peel my socks off, clean my feet, lick each toe, and then dip them in sugary “fun dip” and lick them clean again.  There's even a "Foot Fan-i-Vision Cam" by my feet to show you all the close ups.

Licking candy off my feet feels as good as it tastes, but you better fucking behave yourself and buy this video if you ever want this to happen again.

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